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An Appeal to Filmmakers

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Dear Filmmakers,

First things first. Hats off to you for telling stories through a medium that is not just unique, but not at all easy to tell stories through. Thank you. I cannot stress on how much that means to the world.

I personally deeply respect the process. When I feel like I am having a hard time coming up with music that justifies and enhances the narrative you are trying to convey, I basically remind myself that it's probably a 1000 times as difficult for you, what with overseeing a myriad of elements that go into filmmaking.

However, I feel like music is the only non-visual element of the giant puzzle, that is the film. Yes, there is sound, but I am not sure how much sound is a necessity vs. how much it is an emotional element in storytelling. I am not sure it's one way or another. I suspect it's both.

The appeal is as such...

When you are telling a story, as much as you know what the story is, there are times when music can come in and convey an emotion you probably didn't think or know was a part of your story. Yes, it is your vision to begin with, but, all I want to say is, as storytellers, no matter where we rank in the hierarchy of storytelling, the pinnacle of that hierarchy will always be the story. If the music heightens the story, or tells another story altogether, even if it changes what story you personally wanted to tell, I implore you to consider that new story.

I, on my part, promise that I will do the same. No matter how hard I work on a piece of music, I will make sure that my music serves the story above all else. Together, we shall create stories to be remembered for generations to come.

Yours Truly,

A Humble Storyteller

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