Salil is an award winning composer and producer based in Los Angeles.

He has been a lead composer on numerous films, documentaries, and web series that have been a part of prestigious film festivals such as SXSW, Los Angeles Cinefest, Beverly Hills Film Festival, and Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival to name a few. Films he scored have been acquired by PBS, Netflix, Amazon Prime and have seen worldwide distributions.

His compositions for indie games by Studio Oleomingus have received acclaim on the popular gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The compositions for Oleomingus are a bizarre fusion of Indian classical and folk melodies, contemporary sound design elements and a symphony orchestra.

Salil continues to work on various films as a composer whilst constantly exploring different styles to bring a fresh perspective to each new film he scores. He improvises on existing genres incorporating traditional soundscapes with contemporary techniques not just from the film music world, but deriving inspirations from a wide array of musical genres including classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz, etc. and crossovers between them.

His vision as a composer is to connect to his audiences through the emotive quality of music, which he believes comes through a delicate balance of craft, skill, and intuition.