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Salil Bhayani is an award winning composer and producer based in Los Angeles. He is the founder and lead composer of cAMP Studio, a boutique post-audio and music production studio based in Los Angeles. His vision as a composer is to tell compelling stories through the emotive quality of music, which he believes comes through a delicate balance of craft, skill, and intuition.

His recent projects include his scores for Emmy award winning production Sorry, Mom by Rope Line Media, The Path of the Shepherd, a feature documentary nominated for the Green Film Network Award, and thriller/horror film Landfill featuring Academy Award nominated Linda Blair, among others.

He has composed music for numerous animation films with studios such as TED-Ed Animation, Totem Creative, and Gumboyo, and has collaborated with directors and animators from Disney and Marvel.

Films, documentaries, and web series scored by Bhayani have been official selections at prestigious film festivals such as SXSW, Los Angeles Cinefest, Beverly Hills Film Festival, and Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival to name a few. Films he scored have been acquired by PBS, Lifetime Movie Network, Amazon Prime and have seen worldwide distributions.

Salil continues to work on a wide range of creative and impactful projects around the globe whilst constantly exploring different styles to bring a fresh perspective to each project. He improvises on existing genres incorporating traditional soundscapes with contemporary techniques not just from the film music world, but deriving inspirations from a wide array of musical genres including classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz, etc. and crossovers between them.

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